We believe the sport of track and field has the opportunity to bring out the potential in every athlete, at every age, and of race, creed, and difference of ability. More and more, track and field is starting to look like America. But this simply isn’t enough.

The state of American track and field needs the sport to come home. It’s time for us to domesticate the metals, the circuits, the trophies, the titles. American soil is fertile land for records, and while the loyal fans will dutifully watch as the worlds' greatest team travel the planet in search of places to prove themselves, that’ll never be enough to grow the sport back home.

It’s now or never—we can no longer afford to be apathetic to what’s next. Either we burst forward into an era of change, or mimic the fate of the meteor, burning up to ash before ever reaching its goal. It’s time for us to all show up for the sport:

Build a purse, create new foundations, develop our athletes and coaches, and get everyone involved — because that’s who this sport was made for. My name is Alex Andrei and I show up for the sport. Do you?